Our Mission:

“Loaves and Fishes shares God’s love by providing food, clothing, and community to our neighbors in a safe and welcoming space.”

Loaves and Fishes is a different kind of nonprofit. We are an organization rooted in community, seeking to blur the line between those who receive our services and those who disseminate them. We believe that strong community is comprised of mutual respect, a value that can easily be seen on any given day we are open.

Our Goals:

Advocate for a more equitable and just food system in Greater New Haven.

● Provide food, clothing, and access to services that meet neighbors’ basic needs so that they have greater agency in making personal finance decisions.

● Offer culturally appropriate and nutritious food that reflects our neighbors’ preferences.

● Create a welcoming shopping environment where our neighbors  can choose seasonally appropriate clothing that best suits their needs.

● Connect our neighbors to other service providers who build on our mission and goals.

● Foster a community open to all that recognizes our shared humanity.

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