What we do
Loaves and Fishes offers a gathering place for our neighbors where they can find food, clothing, and community. Normally, on Saturday mornings between 350 to 425 neighbors visit us and now we are providing over 1,000 bags of groceries to our neighbors in need every week.

We offer prepacked bags of groceries on Saturday mornings and deliveries throughout the week. We strive to provide a wide array of nutritious, culturally appropriate food that can include fresh produce, meat, eggs, bread, and canned goods. We strive to offer the same amount of food to everyone from the first person through the door to last. Our food is sourced through the Connecticut Food Bank, local farms, grocers, distributors, and gardeners.

We have reopened our clothing closet!  We are now offering a socially distanced shopping experience for our neighbors.  Our biggest demographic right now are unhoused men and low income families.  Clothing that would be particularly helpful to the neighbors we serve are men’s winter clothes and also jackets, hats, socks, and scarves for everyone.  Right now we cannot accept children’s clothing and business outfits.  We are currently trying to keep our number of volunteers at a minimum because of the pandemic and so clothing we cannot use can be taken elsewhere.  We accept donations Wed, Fri, and Sat mornings from 9-11 am.  (Email us at info@loavesandfishesnh.com if you have questions)  We offer high quality, seasonally suitable clothing. Many of our neighbors rely on this clothing, especially during inclement weather to stay warm and dry. All of our clothing comes from donations from community organizations and individuals.

Generally, we offer a safe and welcoming environment for our neighbors to spend Saturday mornings in, complete with coffee, baked goods, and fruit. Our neighbors are invited to share our space, hospitality, and our facilities during our hours of operation. During the pandemic, we continue to offer as much hospitality and words of comfort to our neighbors as possible while respecting social distancing.

If you would like more information about what we do, please feel free to email us at info@loavesandfishesnh.com

Hunger in New Haven is widespread
Food insecurity is a growing problem in New Haven, and Loaves and Fishes aims to mitigate both the causes and effects of food insecurity. According to the report that was recently released by CARE and the New Haven Food Policy Council:

  • 22% of residents in New Haven are food insecure compared to 12% in the state of Connecticut.
  • 1 in 3 adults and 1 in 4 children are food insecure in New Haven’s poorest neighborhoods.
  • Food insecurity is not a short-term problem. 72% of households with children who reported experiencing food insecurity experienced it for several months in the year.
  • 50.1% of Latinx residents in the poorest neighborhoods are food insecure, with the highest rates found in larger Latinx density areas like Fair Haven.

How to help your neighbor
Helping address food insecurity in New Haven is going to take all of us working together to take on not only the effects, but also the causes. Come volunteer with us on Saturday morning and get to know your neighbors. There are many ways to get involved with us from volunteering, donating funds, or educating others about hunger in New Haven. Loaves and Fishes knows that food insecurity is a symptom of poverty and that as long as the disparity between the rich and poor increases we will only see more of neighbors coming on Saturday mornings. This is why we support the efforts of the New Haven Food Policy Council, whose mission includes justice and sustainability as primary tenets. We also encourage our volunteers and you to learn more about food insecurity and the efforts in the city to address it by visiting our Learn More page.